Colombiana Style is a celebration of my Colombian heritage through fashion, design, music and art. My personal style is a reflection of my cultural heritage, where Colombian-made treasures are combined with unique, stylish elements from around the world.

Colombia is considered one of the happiest, most exciting and progressive countries in the world, becoming the trendiest place to visit for travelers who have fallen in love with this once forbidden country. The rich, green landscape, bright colors, vibrant wildlife and diverse cultures patterned from Colombia’s history have brought together a unique way of enjoying a life that many Colombians are proud of.

En Medellin con Bailarines Traditionales


Mochilas Wayuu
Cafe de Colombia, Peñol Region ~ Starbucks Brand, Taza Fernando Botero ~ Museo de Añtioquia
¡Camisa del Tricolor! Colombian National Soccer Shirt!