Studio F Haul, Enero/Jan 2017


There are jeans and then then are Colombian jeans.

Colombian jeans are my favorite kind of jean, and that is only a slightly biased opinion. Being Colombian is just a happy circumstance of my heritage, and I have nothing against Levis, Paige, Hudson or American and European brands – I own and love many a pair! However, nothing knows me better than my Colombian jeans.

They fit my curves, give me lift where I thought I didn’t have any, accentuate what I do have and are comfortable to wear.  Bonus; they make me feel sexy.

Colombian jeans are always made in Colombia. If they say they are “Colombian jeans” on the paper tag but are made in China, then they are NOT Colombian jeans!! make sure they say “Hecho en Colombia” or “Made in Colombia” to ensure you have the quality and authenticity you deserve. You are also contributing to fair practices by supporting the Colombian economy and supply chain of designers, seamstresses, tailors and creative engineers behind your favorite Colombian brands.

The Colombian jean differentiates from the standard American jean style with use of unique designs that go beyond the standard 5 pocket feature with stiff bartack, zip front, and one button closure. There are 4 main characteristics of a Colombian jeans that differentiate from the standard American jean. The most essential aspect is that they are all created with a stretch denim. Second, the structure of the jean incorporates an expanded waistband accommodating 2 to 4 buttons above the zip front. Third, the create a distinct lift at the rear for your bottom by structuring the “yoke” of the jean, located at the back and often in a V-shape form, starting at the higher point of the waist and determining the curve of the jean. This is an important feature because the deeper the V, the greater the curve*, and thereby the greater the lift.

Finally, Colombian jean designers are not afraid to go crazy on embellishments (Hint: if you are a minimalist, then these may not be for you.)

Ripped and faded details with a wide yoke and waistband.
A few shiny, sparkly details and hi-glam embellishments.
&0’s inspired flared jeans with a high waist are flattering and comfortable!

This is the most extraordinary aspect of the Colombian jean, because they range from the subtle to the extreme – dare I say, even gaudy and ostentatious excess. Colombian designers do not shy away from experimenting with stitching, dyes, embroidery, ripping, beading and appliques that are perhaps too daring for the average consumer market. To the consumer, each pair is almost as individual as the wearer and is a form of self-expression in street fashion, even if they aren’t aware of it. From Miami to Medellin, I have never seen an identical pair of Colombian jeans on the street. The result is an offbeat and comfortable jean that is complimentary to any figure, fun to wear, and has its own distinctive, sexy appeal.

This is why I always take an empty suitcase to Medellin.

Note; Special shout-out goes the Brazilian jean, as they are also designed with the curvy girl in mind, and can appreciate a woman who enjoys a healthy meal with rice and beans.